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I'm posting this so people don't have to ask me anymore
 and can just read this, which will be linked on my front page B,)

YES I do design other people's MYOS (but NOT for free),
unless I offered it for free myself. (Which I rarely do)

Depending on the species I will take: Money (paypal only), :points:,
 artwork, designs, MYO slots from popular CS

:bulletgreen: Regarding MYO Cinnadogs I can ONLY accept:
Artwork, Designs, and MYO slots.
I am NOT allowed to accept money or :points:
because it is against Cinnabutt's rules. 
(If this ever changes of course I will update this)

I'm only putting the rules for cinnadogs myos down since a lot of people
have asked me the same question multiple times. 
Also no, I will not design a cinnadog based off someone elses cinnadog
or off of a franchised copyrighted character (for example overwatch characters) : / 
It's against the rules and everyone knows that. 

:bulletgreen: Every other species, it depends on the TOS/RULES, 
if it's not stated that I can't take money or points for designing
then I will of course, accept money/points payment for the designs. 

My regular custom designs are no less than $25.00
so thats probably going to be the minimum of MYO designs 
of any species I do. The prices will vary based on design complexity. 

:bulletwhite: Please offer on this journal: LF MYO cinnadog slots! Looking for more!
if you are interested OR note me your offer!

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winquts Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
are we supposed to offer here ? 
i have a rare cinna slot id like you to design :'0
ll-vitiatus-ll Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2017  Student Digital Artist
No this is just the rules journal 
this is the journal I've been using as an offering area B,) --> LF MYO cinnadog slots! Looking for more!
winquts Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oo alrighty
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December 16, 2016


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