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Goretober 2017 List!

Mon Oct 2, 2017, 3:01 AM
Heres last years unfinished list: Goretober List - 2016

Bolded = Finished!
< = Late!

Here is this years List: 

1. Gutsy (guts)
2. Blinded  (eyeless etc.)
3. Bleed Out (blood loss)
4. Limbless 
5. Crow Meal 
6. Abomination 
7. Undead Rise  <
8. Dinner for two (canibalism)  <
9. Corpse Party <
10. Souless (soul ripped from body) <
11. Grim's Bride <
12. The Painting (painting with blood) <
13. Experiment <
14. Ribs <
15. Plant Corruption <
16. Crystal Corruption 
17. Shedding 
18. Tooth Fairy 
19. Vampiric 
20. Beast
21. Flesh Room 
22. Roasted (burning)
23. Road Kill
24. Hello Mummy 
25. Kiss of Death 
26. Spine 
27. Wraithe 
28. Ugly Face 
29. Twisted Body 
30. Rust (dying reddish skin or plant material?)
31. Swamp Corpse 

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Examples on ll-Polaris-ll:

Crayon anthro cheebs (Coms) by ll-Polaris-ll
Cheeb Batch (Experimental Crayon Cheebs) - COMS by ll-Polaris-ll

These will be posted on ll-polaris-ll too, not here. 

300 :points: /$3.00 USD - Simple feral
400 :points: /$4.00 USD - complex feral
500 :points: /$5.00 USD - Anthro or Humanoid
600 :points: /$6.00 USD - Complex Anthro or Humanoid

(I changed the prices since some were much harder to draw 
than I expected back when I opened these B,) ) 

Points preferred right now since it's for an upgrade but
you can still pay with Paypal too of course. 

/Got my goal / 
Closed for now, I might open them later again
after I get some artwork done. (coms mainly)

Created at
I made a new journal thats a bit more organized this time, the old one is in my 'All' tab
not in featured. 

All that is UFT/UFS:…
Yes including the My Designs and the Species CS and OS folder. 

If any of the designers of these designs see something is off please tell me!
I am very forgetful and it is hard to remember everyone's TOS, sorry!


Things I'm 100% NOT looking for are:
- cheap base made designs (p2u/f2u etc.)
- doll maker/game maker designs
- MLP / pony designs
- Homestuck and most other fandom designs / excluding pokeginkas.
- very sketchy quick designs / sketch designs 
- uncoloured designs / lineart designs

- You can offer pretty much anything, I like non-species, closed species or artwork!
Here are closed species and designers I like: Fave Species/Designers

- If their is a money option on the design then I am more looking to SELL them
 rather than TRADING them! 

Created at

[ For Starters ]




:bulletgreen: Trades are for mutuals and friends only unless said otherwise!
:bulletgreen:  I put a lot of effort into my trades and expect the same in return, 
no laziness, please, lets be fair. 
:bulletgreen: Nsfw trades are exclusive to my friends unless I offered it to a mutual myself.
:bulletgreen: Friends and mutuals are only allowed to do nsfw trades if they are 18 or older,
no exceptions. Laws are laws folks!



I'm working on a lot of other stuff right now, sorry!

Created at
I'm posting this so people don't have to ask me anymore
 and can just read this, which will be linked on my front page B,)

YES I do design other people's MYOS (but NOT for free),
unless I offered it for free myself. (Which I rarely do)

Depending on the species I will take: Money (paypal only), :points:,
 artwork, designs, MYO slots from popular CS

:bulletgreen: Regarding MYO Cinnadogs I can ONLY accept:
Artwork, Designs, and MYO slots.
I am NOT allowed to accept money or :points:
because it is against Cinnabutt's rules. 
(If this ever changes of course I will update this)

I'm only putting the rules for cinnadogs myos down since a lot of people
have asked me the same question multiple times. 
Also no, I will not design a cinnadog based off someone elses cinnadog
or off of a franchised copyrighted character (for example overwatch characters) : / 
It's against the rules and everyone knows that. 

:bulletgreen: Every other species, it depends on the TOS/RULES, 
if it's not stated that I can't take money or points for designing
then I will of course, accept money/points payment for the designs. 

My regular custom designs are no less than $25.00
so thats probably going to be the minimum of MYO designs 
of any species I do. The prices will vary based on design complexity. 

:bulletwhite: Please offer on this journal: LF MYO cinnadog slots! Looking for more!
if you are interested OR note me your offer!

Created at

Looking for MYO cinnadog AND MYO cinnacat slots! 
Common or Rare I don't care, I'll accept any kind as long as it's valid of course!

If you offer me a rare trait MYO slot OR a cinnacat slot though,
then of course I will up my offer to be fair. 

** This journal will be my new 'update' journal for whenever
 I am open for designing cinnadogs or whenever
I am looking for MYO slots or CB cinnadogs etc.
Please always offer here if you are interested!

(RULES) <-- Please read em or I'll be salty >B(

:bulletred: I am accepting to 'design' your MYO in return for a MYO slot, like what I did for Chaevyre's offer, I designed their rare cinna slot in return for a common myo slot they had left.

:bulletred: I can offer multiple of these designs: UFT/UFS (Non-CS) and maybe from here, depending on which one you want: UFT/UFS (CS)

Art Options I am offering (temporarily):

:bulletred: 5 headshot sketches - worth $24 USD
:bulletred: 4 full body sketch chibis - worth $32 USD
:bulletred: 3 full body pixel icons or 3 headshot pixel icons (you can mix match these
so example: 1 full body pixel icon and 2 headshot icons ) - worth $15 - $24 USD
:bulletred: 4 Cinnadog icons worth $20.00 USD

You can mix any of them but you can't 'add' more onto the types.


:bulletblack: Common Slot Trade from Chaevyre DONE! / APPROVED!
:bulletblack: Rare Slot Trade from Roseatta DONE / APPROVED?
:bulletblack:Rare Slots Trade from MangoKittyCat DONE / APPROVED?
:bulletblack: Common Slot Art Trade from Amorri / DONE! / ART UPLOADED
:bulletblack: Rare Slot Art Trade from BIubblus / DONE! / ART UPLOADED
:bulletred: Rare Slot Design for omnisiyeah for designs in return / DONE!

Created at

Paintie commissions! OPEN

Mon Jul 4, 2016, 3:17 AM


:bulletblack: Heavy Edit Characters are now starting off at $20.00 / 2000 FD (Base Price)

:bulletblack: Simple characters = $8.00 USD / 800 FD (Base Price)
+ $5.00 for complex/long hair (because I will paint it on)
Example: Vitiatus the deer, his markings are simple
and I only made one painted edit (his short easy hair).

:bulletblack: Complex characters = $10.00 USD / 1000 FD (Base Price)
+ $5.00 for complex/long hair (like stated before, I 'paint' it, not just slap it on there.)
Example: Coilin the tiger, his stripes were a lot of work but
if your character has generic or less stripes
I will consider it as 'simple' instead of complex.

:bulletblue: Hair Edits (only painting on the hair for you on a greyscale base) 
Price varies / $2.00 minimum for very simple and short hair.
:bulletblue: Special Wing Edits (wings that aren't already on the furvilla bases)
/Add-Ons = $10.00 alone or +$10.00 onto the paintie com.

I Accept Paypal, Points and FD!
(I will accept FC when I figure out the prices)
$8.00 USD = 800 :points: 
$8.00 USD = 800 FD (NOT FC!)


Created at
-Boat Stripes skin pattern by ll-Vitiatus-ll-
Nebular Nomads CLOSED Species © Thalliumfire

>Looking for Friendships & Family members mainly ~
Not really looking for relationships for them since most are claimed anyways or taken.
Just comment below with your nebs personality and a link or other link. 
I usually use though and just 'link' the characters together on there.

All my NebNoms <
My Catlraptor >

Fill this out: 

NebNom: (ref)
Gender: (etc.)
Personality: (description)

*Feel free to link one or more of my nebnoms you'd think fit best with your NebNom's personality,
weather it be friendship or family membership. 

Created at
-Boat Stripes skin pattern by ll-Vitiatus-ll-

About the Split

Sat Jun 18, 2016, 2:00 AM
No one is 'forcing' you to pick a side on the JR species split up topic, it's your choice alone.
If you have a Thall made Jolleraptor, and you're not comfortable with the new name change:
Nebular Nomads (NebNoms), you have every right to note him and ask to make it a Jolleraptor again.
People who own a Jolleraptor by default are ALSO allowed to note Thalliumfire to change it into a NebNom.

He will not judge you, he will not be sassy with you, he'll accept it and change it
so don't unneccesarily stress yourself if you want to keep your design as a jollerapor or change
your JR into a NebNom. 

Their is also NOTHING wrong with picking a side, it does not make you a bad person,
heck you don't even have to pick a side! You can have both! Just because you have a JR
doesn't mean you can't have NebNom too and vice versa. They are a brethren species.
Keep that in mind that Simo and Thall are not enemies.

I feel a few people are completely misunderstanding the journal and the 'Freedom' you have to choose
or to have both. 

If you have no idea what I'm talking about
here: !!Important Announcement!! Read please!
IMPORTANT!! Species Namechange!
seriously guys, read it all before making poor assumptions. 

Created at
-Boat Stripes skin pattern by ll-Vitiatus-ll-