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For starters:

I do NOT do requests and,

I do NOT do gift art if asked.

I 'choose' whomever I want to do gift art for,

without being asked. Gifts are something artists

do when they feel like it, not when they are asked to do it.

That's not a gift then, thats a request.

So, moving onto actual 'trade' info



Trades are primarily for: Friends, Mutuals and people I offered it to myself.

> Sometimes I will open up trade journals for watchers if I'm in the mood,

I will pick people based on quality and style but mainly style.

I am really a 'style' type guy. Please do not be upset if I don't pick you,

it's nothing personal.

> I do not do trades with random non-watchers / passerbys.

I have very bad experiences with this...

> Keep in mind I put a lot of effort and time into every trade I get,

I expect the same in return please.

> Nsfw art trades are strictly exclusive to my friends and mutuals

who are 18 and above in age. (artistic nudity and censored art will be posted here

but everything else goes on my FA and Weasyl)

> Couple art trades are only available if couple art is given in return to be fair.

I will not do couple art for a singular character drawing obviously.

> We can exchange WIPs if you like, just let me know before we start working on the trades

so I don't work further on accident without showing you the progress.

> Trades are open when the sign below says open, I will update this journal

when the status changes.



I'm working on a lot of other stuff right now, sorry!

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